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Do You Need a Crown to Cover Your Damaged Tooth?

There are many reasons a person will suffer from a damaged tooth. Tooth damage can occur because of cavities, gum disease, and blunt trauma. When a tooth is damaged, it becomes weaker and… is more likely to become damaged to the point it begins to die. In some cases, a tooth can become so damaged the dentist must extract it because it is no longer able to stand up to normal chewing action. Thankfully, there is a dental treatment the dentist can use to help protect a damaged tooth and help to prevent further damage. With a tooth crown, a damaged tooth can be properly covered so it not only looks beautiful but also is stronger.

A dental crown is a hollow tooth-shaped shell that can completely cover a person’s tooth. These shells can be put in place for entirely cosmetic reasons or can be used to cover teeth that are damaged. Dental crowns not only make teeth stronger, they also make them look more attractive. Since these crowns can be colored and shaped to blend in with the patient’s smile, no one will be able to tell they are wearing one.

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To ensure the tooth will not continue to be damaged, the dental staff will remove as much of the damaged areas of the tooth as possible. The tooth will be carefully shaped and made into a rounder, smaller shape so the dental crown can be placed over the tooth to completely shield it from being damaged. Once the tooth is fully shaped, the crown will be dry fitted.

Dry fitting means the crown is put in place without being adhered so it can be checked for fit. Once the dental staff is sure the crown fits precisely, it can be adhered using a special dental adhesive that will allow the crown to stay in place for up to thirty years. When the crown is adhered, it becomes a permanent part of the tooth and is able to keep the tooth protected and looking beautiful.

Crowns can be used to cover broken, stained, malformed, or damaged teeth. Crowns look just like natural teeth so they blend in perfectly with a person’s smile and make it complete. Since they can be placed on the front or back teeth, they are a source of repair almost any person can have put in place.

For those who would like to learn more about dental crowns, contact the Gordon Center for General and Advanced Dentistry. They offer general and cosmetic dental services to help their patients keep healthy and beautiful smiles.

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